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Whenever I recommend cottage cheese as a great protein source to my clients, I get one of two answers: a) I love it, or b) I hate it. I think it is more of a texture issue than actual taste because cottage cheese is very close to yogurt, which almost everyone likes. What makes cottages cheese so superior to yogurt (even the Greek ones) is that it is 100% protein. Regular yogurt has about 50% protein and 50% carbohydrates. I am always looking for a balance of protein and carbs in my meals. By having cottage cheese, I can add a lot of fruit to it, and don’t even need a sweetener and I still get a perfectly balanced meal. Just give cottage cheese one more try and you might just be convinced for life. In my recipe below we will change the texture and make it super fruity. Even your kids will love this one!

What you need:

A food processor or blender

1 cup of 1% cottage cheese (I love the whipped cottage cheese!)

1 cup of berries or 1 banana or whatever fruit you like (in the summer I use a lot of frozen fruit)

A few drops of vanilla extract (optional)

1 tbsp nuts (optional)

If you want it a little sweeter you can use a tiny bit of Stevia or Agave Nectar.

Just put the cottage cheese and the fruit in the food processor and blend until it has a smooth consistency.  You can add the nuts and blend it some more or just sprinkle them on as a garnish.

My favorites flavors: Junky Monkey (banana & peanuts), Pina colada (canned pineapple in pineapple juice NOT syrup & unsweetened coconut flakes), Frozen Blueberry (frozen blueberry & vanilla), Plain Strawberry (fresh in season strawberries), Pumpkin Pie ( ½ cup canned pumpkin, 1 tsp  maple syrup and a pinch of Pumpkin Pie spice).

This approximately  250-calorie ( 30 gr protein !!! ) meal makes a great breakfast or anytime meal and travels well in your cooler.

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