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How about some ice tea with benefits?

Before I went on my vacation to Costa Rica this year, my friend, who was already there,  had e-mailed me, raving about this cinnamon iced tea she was drinking every day after her workout. Of course on my first day there on vacation we went to the gym and afterwards straight to the “wonder tea” place. It was just as good as she said it would be. Spicy, sweet, and very refreshing, but the most amazing thing was that there … Continue reading

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Supercharged Dairy!

  Whenever I recommend cottage cheese as a great protein source to my clients, I get one of two answers: a) I love it, or b) I hate it. I think it is more of a texture issue than actual taste because cottage cheese is very close to yogurt, which almost everyone likes. What makes cottages cheese so superior to yogurt (even the Greek ones) is that it is 100% protein. Regular yogurt has about 50% protein and 50% carbohydrates. … Continue reading

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