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When I was growing up in Germany, my grandmothers and my mother would bake everything from scratch. Some of my warmest, sweetest memories were spending hours helping and learning from them in the kitchen, and, of course, nibbling the ingredients. Cookies and cakes are very traditional afternoon snacks in Germany (in fact, coffee cake comes from the German kaffee & kuchen).


I had a long and exciting career working as an executive at many five-star hotels in New York, Germany, and Argentina, and I apprenticed at a deluxe hotel and restaurant that is the home of a well-known gourmet pastry shop. I’ve always loved providing people with a happy, fulfilling experience.


An athlete since I was very young, I have also always been interested in fitness and trained and completed the New York City Marathon. In 2005 I decided to make a career change and became a certified fitness trainer.


I love weight training, boxing, running, and I also love eating and baking. It seems the only time I slow down is for food – a good meal with friends and family, a whole afternoon pouring over cookbooks and testing recipes, or an afternoon grilling fish and vegetables.


Many of my clients, who also love good food, began complaining about the lack of delicious, healthy snacks and desserts. I thought back to my time baking with my grandmothers and mom, who always used fresh ingredients, and I began baking. I experimented with dozens and dozens of recipes, using spelt flour instead of white, agave nectar and organic maple syrup instead of processed sugar. Among the many products I’ve come up with are healthy, yummy oatmeal cookies, peanut butter bars, brownies, fruit muffins, cakes, fig bars, and granola. I use ingredients that humans have been eating for centuries.


Grocery stores and even health food stores stock a lot of so-called “healthy” energy bars that are made with ingredients we can’t even pronounce. Read the labels! In many low-calorie snacks and desserts, most of the ingredients are processed. I believe strongly that the body just doesn’t know what do with those manufactured components masquerading as food.


I’m a fit baker. A baker who is fit. I founded Anke’s Fit Bakery to bring my two passions, exercise and baking, together, and to offer my clients and customers delicious food that tastes like the “real” thing, provides energy, and brings a little fun back into fitness.



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I have created delicious treats made from just a handful of natural ingredients that deliver on energy and taste!




Ingestion of refined flours elevates the potential for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and obesity.

These health risks can be reduced by using whole grain flours instead of refined flours. Secondly, refined flour products often contain a host of unnecessary chemical additives, as well as allergens such as wheat and gluten. I provide great tasting baked goods without of any of these ingredients.


Oats, Oat flour & Oat Bran: Beside all the benefits of oats that are constantly touted in advertisements and the press, oats and oat flour can be beneficial for people with a sluggish thyroid.


Spelt flour: Gluten sensitive people tolerate spelt better than any other grain. Spelt has special carbohydrates called mucopolysaccharides, which play a decisive role in blood clotting and stimulate the immune system. It contains far more crude fiber and protein than wheat.


Wheat is high in the allergen gluten. Gluten can cause digestive discomfort ranging from mild to severe. Wheat causes allergic reactions in many people, resulting in a range of physical and emotional problems such as gastric distress, congestion, and joint pain. I don't use it!!


Sugars: I never use refined white or brown sugar (which is essentially white sugar with coloring) in my baked goods. Sugar is never the first ingredient on any of my ingredient lists. I want you to taste the flavors in all my ingredients, not just sugar.


In moderation I only use:


Organic maple syrup * Organic agave nectar * Organic sucanat * Natural raw cane sugar


Fats: “Lower fat and good fats” is the motto of Anke's Fit Bakery. Yes, I know that a stick of butter makes everything taste better - but not in my batter. I use canola and other healthy oils. Some extra nutritional fats are added by using nuts and seeds.